martedì 28 maggio 2013

THE NERVOUS TICKS : If you can recall the Nervous Ticks 7″ from Goodbye Boozy back in 2012, then you’re on the right track. The Nervous Ticks continue with their nasty, garage-punk stompers on their latest release, harassing our ears for a solid eight minutes through four trashy, blown-out ragers. Each track is as crude and stripped down as it could possibly be, characterized by raw, bloody shrieking and fuzzy, noise-crusted guitars that sound both stressed and twangy. “Hot Water” just may be their most refined song yet, slowing everything down for once while sending us through a wave of shredded guitars and gritty tambourine jangles. “Come Clean” sees them revert back to their messy, blues-driven stomps, centered around jagged and caffeinated guitars that will cut you to ribbons.

(from Styrofoam drone )

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