lunedì 24 giugno 2013

WELCOME IN THE SHIT RECORDS : Movie Star junkies " still singles " , Nervous Ticks " death to videodrome ep "

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giovedì 6 giugno 2013

COMING SOON !!!!!!!!

The best italian bands of the last 10 years!! a devasting collection of singles which summarise the devopment of the quartet . the succession of punk/blues , fascinating and hypnotic melodies , dirty and disoonant walk solemny , every tracks is diamond which reflect anxiety and elegance in the same time , The impression is of being constantly on the brink of a precipice at dusk , wobbly and exhausted by sleepless nights spent chasing vices, but somehow alive and determined not to give up. Each piece acted like a rite as only the best cave at the time of birthday party could have done if only he had grown or had been soaked in the folklore of an italian wine all night and folk song . Finally , a reality that can boast the world from beginning to end in one breath , sluts .......... , knives, punk, vampires, screams, blues, whiskey, voodoo, chains,rain, sweat, heroin, laments, revolver, tears, nightmares, sirens, mouthpieces, fishnet stockings, cannibalism , restless spirits , petroleum jelly and everything that comes to mind scary , perverse and ill will find in this wonderful cassette that collects the singles movie star junkies ! vm18

pornographic cover
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