lunedì 19 ottobre 2015

Ausmuteants "It's Alive - Recorded live on PBS (Lp - limited edition 300 copies) In The Shit Records - Goodbye Boozy rec

Awesome perform live at PBS 106.7 FM on 24th April 2014.
This is vinyl version of tape out for In The Shit Records
Punk - Synth - No Wave

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Raw "Introducing ....." (Tape limited edition 69 copies) In The Shit Records and Goodbye Boozy Rec

Raw Mccartney , now only Raw .... This is re-press first tape from Tripp Tapes
Punk , Psych , Lo fi 

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Manic and Depressives "S/T" (tape limited edition 69 copies)

MANIC AND DEPRESSIVES :  Raw and minimal punk from Florida with members of Tight Genes and Nuka Waves

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Ban-Off "Under The Gun" (tape limited edition 69 copies)

BAN-OFF : Coming from the sewer of a small and filthy town . Noisey , primitive , perverse .............
Cutthroat Punks !!!!  Available now ......

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